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Visit to Ongoing Projects in Qom Province

Start of Executive Phase, Construction of Steel Mill in Qom Province  

In a one-day trip to Qom Province, the managing director of Jahansteel Co. visited some ongoing projects and was informed of their progress process. These plants are located at different areas, including Salafchegan and adjacent industrial sites.

In this visit, SIROUS HEMMATIAN, managing director of Jahansteel Co., expressed his appreciation to the officials of Qom province for their companionship and underlined the continuation of cooperation for the implementation of development projects in this industrial area.  


  1. He also visited the steel structure of cold rolling production line of West Asia Steel Complex with 90% progress in project.  

In addition to visiting some projects with over 90% progress, the managing director of Jahansteel Co. also officially inaugurated the production process of the steel mill in Qom.

In the following hours of his one-day trip, Mr. HEMMATIAN evaluated the company’s development plans in a meeting attended by domestic and foreign experts in Tehran, so that after the finalization of the negotiations, their implementation stages become operational in East Azerbaijan province.

The economic deputy director of the company, director of steel structures department as well as sales manager of the company accompanied Mr. HEMMATIAN in this visit.