Jahan Steel A symbol of quality and reliability

About Jahan steel

Mission Statement

Thanks be to God Beneficent for helping us to be strong and steadfast in pursuing our father’s path.
It is over half a century since Jahansteel Co. Complex started its professional operation in reinforcement profiles and industrial hall construction industry, and now this company is recognized as the first and largest steel section manufacturer in the country by establishing a wide network all across the country and taking advantage of the most up-to-date technologies in the world based on the latest managerial and marketing methods.
By recruiting a highly-skilled and young workforce, Jahansteel Complex intends to provide its customers with a vast variety of products with high quality and reasonable price as well as after-sales services in order to achieve more customer satisfaction ever, which is the ultimate and supreme goal of the management of the company.
We believe that success will be achieved only by relying on God and putting in tireless and relentless effort. Based on this belief, “Jahansteel Co.” was formed and due to the high ambition of Hemmtian brothers, it has grown and matured.
Hoping for further achievements for the beloved Iran and honorable Iranians

Company’s History

When the steel door and window frames manufacturing workshop was established in 1957 through the efforts of “Ahmadali Hemmatian”, few people believed that this workshop could one day dominate the reinforcement profiles market in the country under the name of “Jahansteel”. After 30 years and in 1986, this workshop added the production of fuel tanks, and cutting and bending services for various types of ironware to its agenda besides the manufacturing of steel frames for doors and windows. Over time, the company has been equipped with the latest technology of the day, and in 1999, it became able to direct the major part of its activity towards the manufacturing of UPVC doors and windows and galvanized reinforcement profiles based on the needs of the society.

Collaborative Projects

This company has entered into a partnership with Pouyeshgaran Sahandazaran Co. “Tabriz Azma”, one of the companies of Santal Holding that has officially started its activity in the field of designing and producing smart electricity meters and electronic industries since February 2017.
In this regard, with the aim of creating a ground for electronic industries with a focus on electricity meter production in order to meet the needs of domestic industries and households, they have successfully designed and produced digital and smart single-phase multi-tariff electricity meters from scratch, and currently follow the required procedures to obtain final approvals from the concerned organizations to reach the stage of mass production.
Over the last few years, the issue of energy supply has become the main challenge of the industries,

 and this challenge has mostly affected large and energy-intensive industries, which are mainly considered as leading industries, and consequently, the impact of this issue is felt by the related industries as well. On the other hand, today, with the reduction of fossil fuel consumption in the world, the use of new and renewable energies has gained a prominent role in the world’s energy portfolio. In other words, rise in fossil fuel prices, environmental considerations, security of energy supply, application in petrochemicals, technology advancement and economic feasibility, in some cases, are among those factors decisive in the future of renewable energies. Aware of all these matters, Jahansteel Co. has directed part of its joint investments toward this direction.

Company Vision

Our vision is to acquire the title of the largest and most reliable manufacturer of galvanized profiles in Southwest Asia. Based on this principle, the company has focused its activities on the reduction of outsourcing in producing different kinds of products. In other words, realization of the company’s vision will be possible by improving the product portfolio, providing raw materials, forming a complete supply chain, reducing dependence and creating new export markets. The main strategy of Jahansteel Co. over the six decades of activity has been self-sufficiency in production. In the recent years, the company strives to generate new employment opportunities for the talented and elite youth of the country and devise new ways for export and currency repatriation by focusing on knowledge-based products.