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Shearing Services

One of the other capabilities of Jahansteel Co. is cutting sheet metal to different sizes, i.e., shearing. At present, Jahansteel Co. has 2 shearing lines for 0.5 to 2mm sheets and 1 line for 2 to 15mm sheets. Stainless sheared sheets are used for manufacturing heater and galvanized ones for manufacturing cooler. 3mm sheets are used for Z profile manufacturing, 4mm sheets for trailer flooring, and 6 to 15mm ones for industrial hall construction.

Application of Black Sheared Sheet

Black sheared sheets are usually used for connecting iron beam and rebar or profile and pipe together. They also are used in heavy steel industries such as shipbuilding, in manufacturing tank, tanker, base plate, gusset plate, beam and H profiles, and making different kinds of frames.

Shearing is one of the oldest services offered by Jahansteel Company. Not only has the company been able to maintain its special clients over the years but also attracted new ones due to the reputation of the quality of its sheared sheets and plates.

Black Sheet Shearing

Shearing unit of Jahansteel Co. is able to cut thin sheets with a tolerance of ±5mm using a guillotine. The advantage of shearing unit of Jahansteel Co. is that this unit utilizes plasma and CNC machines to cut sheets with high accuracy. Sheets as thick as 12mm are cut with oxy-fuel cutting machine, which uses a combination of fuel gas and oxygen.