Jahan Steel A symbol of quality and reliability


Galvanized Reinforcement Profile

The manufacture of 250 different types of reinforcement profiles for door and window industry is another capability of this complex.
Jahansteel Co. is equipped with 9 profile production lines, out of which 7 centralized lines are used for manufacturing reinforcement profiles for UPVC doors and windows and 2 lines for Knauf profiles.
Jahansteel Co. plans to produce different kinds of Knauf profiles, which will be ready to launch in the near future.

Z Profiles

Open profiles with Z sections have several applications in the construction of ceiling of large halls and buildings such as sports halls, parking lots, production halls and warehouses.

Steel Structures

“Jahansteel Sepahan” Co. has a 60-year history in the field of steel and steel structures. Based on this history, the company has also achieved the technology of bolted steel structures. Due to the activity of steel mills and factories in the country and existence of favorable quality control conditions for steel compared to concrete, these controls distinguish steel structures from concrete and other construction materials.

Potential for structural development, multiple connections, prefabrication of parts and speed in implementation and installation are other advantages of steel structures. It should not be overlooked that these structures occupy less space compared to concrete ones and are usable even at high altitudes.