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Algeria Seeks to Benefit from Capacity of Tabriz Steel Industry

The ambassador of Algeria to Iran stated, “Expansion of cooperation with Iran in the field of steel and iron is vital for Algeria, and Jahansteel Co. of Tabriz has the best capacity for this cooperation”.

In his visit to Jahansteel Plant, ALI ARROUJ was informed of the production capacities of this plant and expressed hope for cooperation between this complex and its Algerian counterparts.

Referring to Algeria’s production capacities in all fields of steel, including industrial hall construction and profile manufacturing, he noted, “However, we are not able to meet the demand of the domestic market and seek to expand cooperation with well-known countries in this field”.

He considered the lack of familiarity of the economic activists of the two countries with each other’s capacities as the biggest obstacle to the development of economic relations, and continued: “The investment laws of Algeria are highly motivating and flexible, and taking into account the capability of Iranian manufacturers, they can definitely thrive in Algeria.

In addition, ALI ARROUJ stated, “Currently, Algeria is looking for new potentials to satisfy its domestic demands, and with the existing potential in Iran, Jahansteel Co. would certainly be a great option for establishing relationship”.

Jahansteel Co., with 60 years of activity history in steel and steel structures, carries the title of “the sole licensed exporter of galvanized profiles in Iran” by 2020 and holds 70% to 80% of the market share of galvanized reinforcement profiles in the country. This company has also prepared the first full-auto UPVC door and window handles production line of the country for operation under the name of “Sepehr Yaragh Co.” with a monthly production capacity of 260,000 door handles and 450,000 window handles. At present, more than 80% of the country’s required fittings are imported, and the automation of this plant has caused the products of the company to gain competitive advantage.