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Production Line

Construction Process of Industrial Hall at Jahansteel Co

“Jahansteel Sepahan” Co. has a 60-year history in the field of steel and steel structures. Based on this history, the company has also achieved bolted steel structures technology. Before starting the construction of an industrial hall, the client proposes its own desired plans. Then, the proposed plans are examined by the technical department, and the details of the project are listed separately.
Otherwise, the engineers of the design department of the company, visit the place of the project and design a plan based on the needs of the client, which can be a factory, warehouse, repair garage, sports hall, parking lot, or even poultry farm.
When it comes to raw materials, the company always underlines the importance of providing quality raw material from reliable companies.

Firstly, the cutting unit cuts the raw materials according to the client’s plans using 3m and 6m guillotines as well as straight and CNC cutting machines. The prepared plates are drilled by a “radial drill”, if required, to be assembled using CO2 welding machine.
After finishing work stage and applying fine details on the plates, welded parts go through cleaning stage, where submerged arc welder and CO2 welding machine are used.
After the completion of milling process in the cleaning stage, the parts are sent to painting.
The last stage of the construction of an industrial hall is applying paint through “airless” paint sprayer. After that, the parts are prepared for being loaded and transported to the project site.

Profile Production Lines

Profiles are an important part of structural sections which are used in manufacturing of different kinds of UPVC doors and windows due to their light weight and high strength. Jahansteel Co. is able to produce profiles as thick as 4mm in 250 different types, including Z profiles and other profiles required for steel structures, which is one of the essential needs of the market.
In addition, manufacturing of 250 different types of reinforcement profiles for door and window industry is the other capability of this complex.
Jahansteel Co. is equipped with 9 profile production lines, out of which 7 centralized lines are used for reinforcement profiles and 2 for Knauf profiles.

Today, black profiles are rapidly being replaced with galvanized reinforcement ones, and regarding Knauf and prefabricated walls, Jahansteel Co. plans to produce different kinds of Knauf profiles, which will be ready to launch in the near future.