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About Jahansteel

“Jahansteel” Co., with 60 years of activity history in steel and steel structures, holds 70% to 80% of the market share of galvanized reinforcement profiles in the country and is recognized the first and largest galvanized sections manufacturer in Iran. The establishment of the first door and window handles production line is the company’s new step towards the improvement of its product portfolio.


Galvanized Reinforcement Profile, Z Profiles, Steel Structures


slitting and shearing


Jahansteel Steel structures projects 

Reinforcement Profiles for UPVC Doors & Windows

To reinforce the doors and windows produced, galvanized profiles with proper thicknesses are embedded into UPVC profiles. Utilization of galvanized profiles inside the main UPVC profile and screwing of fittings to reinforced parts increase the strength of doors and windows while preventing screws from being stripped and sashes from falling.

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Exports of Jahansteel

By updating and modifying hot sheet profiles, which are the prime requirement of steel structures, Jahansteel Sepahan Co., while supporting its own steel structure contracts, has put the surplus production on the market to meet the domestic demand, and on the other hand, identified export destinations for these products.
A vast volume of steel sections and profiles manufactured by Jahansteel Co. is presently exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Oman, Syria, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and Georgia Republic.

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