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Jahansteel’s Experience of Participation in Project Iraq-Erbil Exhibition (2022)

Erbil International Exhibition; A Gateway to New Export Markets

After successful participation in several national and international exhibitions in the field of construction industry, Jahansteel Co. did not miss the opportunity to attend the Project Iraq-Erbil International Exhibition in 2022.

The managing director of Jahansteel Co. described this experience in these words, “Iraq market, and Erbil market accordingly, are potential targets for food, construction materials, industrial goods, and engineering and technical services. We should have taken advantage of this potential by now since it will be continuing to be a potential market by the next 10 to 15 years.

Referring to the shared cultural and historic experiences of Iraq and Iran, SIROUS HEMMATIAN said, “Attending the Erbil International Exhibition was remarkably fruitful in realizing the company’s long-term goals, which were to penetrate the Erbil market and find a trade agent”.

While pointing out that the said exhibition was held for three days, he said, “In this limited period of time we were able to attract a proper target market for introducing our new product, UPVC door and window handles, under the trademark of “Velar”. He also declared that this product has been manufactured through a full-auto door and window fittings production line for the first time in the country, and the mentioned production line operates under the name of “Sepehr Yaragh Co.” and trademark of “Velar””. He added, “New customers were attracted due to the new connections formed in this exhibition. He continued, “During this 3-day event, we had the opportunity to find a new unaddressed market and make some changes in our product according to the taste of the new market and its customers.  

HEMMATIAN stated, “We took the most of our time for marketing and searching potential customers, participation in the meetings and seminars, and observation and exploration of target market.

HEMMATINA also mentioned that, “The presence of various businesses in the international exhibition while providing ground to meet potential customers and communicate face-to-face with the audience, made it possible for the marking department of the company to consult with customers about its long-term plans and projects and expand its business through other customers.

The managing director of Jahansteel Co. also declared that the company’s profile products have already found their place in the markets of the neighboring countries and reiterated, “Constant presence in international exhibitions will definitely be a cost-effective solution for marketing and selling the company’s new brand and products. The managing director of Jahansteel Co. referred to the distribution of brochures and introduction of the products by the company’s sales and marketing department and added, “Meanwhile, the customer’s awareness of the company and brand will increase, and due to continuous communications and promotional calls, the customer will become regular and informed of the latest products of the company all year long.

He continued, “By attending this exhibition, we had the chance to catch up on the daily changes in technology, witness the advent of new products, and get familiar with various and unknown products”. He mentioned domestic and foreign exhibitions as a test market for new products and said, “Exhibitions act like a market research tool so far as we now have a clear understanding of our competitors’ attitudes and their performance and products in the target market.

He also announced that NASROLLAH RASHNOUDI, Iran’s consul general in Erbil-Iraq, declared his favorable opinion of the development of trade relationship between Erbil and Iranian construction craftsmen for renovation of the Kurdistan Region, during his dinner with Iranian participants in the Project Iraq-Erbil International Exhibition (2022). Referring to RASHNOUDI’s statement regarding Iran’s capacity in construction industry, the managing director of Jahansteel Co. said, “There is no doubt that Jahansteel Co., with 60 years of activity history in steel and steel structures and holding 70% to 80% of the market share of galvanized reinforcement profiles in the country, can take the most advantage of this opportunity due to its high-quality products and geographic vicinity, and availability of facilities.

According to the report of Jahansteel Co.’s Public Relations, the Project Iraq-Erbil International Exhibition (2022) was held for three days from May 24, 2022 to May 26, 2022 with the participation of 260 companies from Iran, Turkey, China, Jordan, Egypt, India, Iraq and the UAE, out of which 15% of the participants were from East Azerbaijan province.